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Four Stars **** "Simteractive freshens a well-worn idea with flashes of humour and lovingly illustrated visuals. From the guest vignettes (eg, planning a wedding, protecting butterflies) to the wacky demands (the hipsters who require a Beard Artistry Centre), Eden Isle doesn't take itself too seriously."

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“I’ve really enjoyed playing Eden Isle. I was a fan before I downloaded the app because of the ‘resort package’ we received. It was a really nice touch and a great idea to accompany something like that. The game places really easily and it’s very addictive. I found myself tangled in its web and didn’t realize how much time had passed. I can recommend it based on its creative storyline and lovely artwork.”

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“Go and play it, it’s worth it. It really is fun”.


“Eden Isle is definitely a resort paradise, and you'll enjoy your time building and exploring the island.”

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Average app store rating - 5 stars

“I love this game and cannot stop playing.”

"Wonderful game, very relaxing"

“This game is addictive! Love the concept & the graphics”

“Your game is addictive. Good gameplay. Always lots to keep me busy building the resort, collecting shells and picking up rubbish J I’ve been playing it all day!”

"Really enjoyed playing this! Becomes addictive!"

"Soo cute and entertaining. Just the waiting time is a hassle but other than that I super enjoy it!"

"This is awesome, I'm hooked. Love Love Love"

“I loveeeee this gameeee!!! Is super fun and got an excellent gameplay!!!”

“Really addictive but in a good way! The design is lovely and intuitive and the colour scheme is great. I check into the game multiple times throughout the day which goes to show how much I care about my resort! ;)”

"Great relaxing game, nice atmosphere and rewarding mechanics."

“I love that game”

“I love this game! It’s so relaxing!! And makes me want to be at the beach every time I play!!!”

“I love the game, it keeps you on your toes. It is up there with the best of the building games I have played“

"I love this app. It's been really fun and it’s quick to play..."

“Addictive to play. Players who love Hayday will surely love this game. It keep the player engaged and helps to think innovative ideas to decorate the Resort.”

"The app was very fun to play and is challenging. Graphics are really nice and responsive. I never stop playing.”

“Love the design, love the concept, and love how the visitors are able to move.”

"This game is fantastic! I'm already hooked on it and I love the graphics!”