Eden Isle: Resort Paradise Press Kit


Title: Eden Isle: Resort Paradise 

Developer: Simteractive Ltd.

Release Date: 9th August 2017

Platform: iOS

Price: Free to download


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Monetisation Permission

Simteractive Ltd. allows for the contents of Eden Isle: Resort Paradise to be published through video broadcasting services and for the monetisation of such videos. 

Eden Isle: Resort Paradise is a quirky game for iPhone and iPad that lets players build and manage a holiday resort, working towards a five star resort rating. Developed by Dublin-based game studio Simteractive, it’s the first game of its kind developed in Ireland. It is a multi-award-winning mobile game with an average App Store rating of 4.6 stars. It has fantastic player reviews and was recently featured across Europe as one of the Best New Updates in the Games section of the app store. For more information on reviews, awards etc, please see this page.

App Store Link: www.appstore.com/EdenIsleResortParadise

Escape to Eden Isle! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax on your own tropical island whenever you want to? A friendly, welcoming environment full of charm. A unique resort of your own design, reflecting your personality and decorated in your style. A haven for your quirky guests, where treehuggers, glampers, hipsters, fashionistas, selfie-lovers and backpackers can live in harmony. An island paradise filled with activities for your guests to have the time of their lives. Shops, bars, restaurants, the waves and, of course, a delightful cast of characters staffing it. Your little piece of Eden.


Eden Isle: Resort Paradise is a quirky building sim game that lets players build and manage a holiday resort, working towards a five star resort rating. With its appealing theme and intuitive controls, including an elegant path editing system, it’s a game that anybody can pick up and play. However, players who want more challenge can engage with the gameplay systems, such as creating an optimal resort layout, maximising décor bonuses, monitoring the needs of individual guests and adjusting prices and quality levels in businesses. Players can enjoy compelling resource management gameplay but also get to know their guests. We do that by offering the player more than 200 bite-sized stories presented to the player by the guests of the resort, requiring action by the player to improve the resort and help them have a good time; out-of-touch indie rock stars, wacky inventors and reality show producers are just some of the characters the player will find on Eden Isle. The game is brimming with charm, humour and interesting characters. It has a beautiful, hand-painted art style, excellent animations and high production values throughout. Eden Isle is a game that belongs firmly in the building sim genre, created for fans of the genre, but that also stands apart from its competitors with its own unique art style and personality. Welcome to Eden Isle!


  • Fun, interesting characters with lots of humor

  • Keep guests happy by tending to their needs and responding to their requests

  • Maximize profits in bars, restaurants and shops

  • Hire and train staff members to help you manage your resort

  • Customize your resort with 50 different decoration items

  • Easy to add friends - visit your friends’ resorts and help each other progress

  • No internet connection needed to play - play wherever you want!

  • Can play seamlessly across multiple devices

Eden Isle Promotional Image
Eden Isle Promotional Image
Eden Isle Fairytale Castle and Water Park

About Simteractive

Simteractive is a Dublin-based game development studio specialising in simulation games, founded by former Lionhead designer Elaine Reynolds. We’re passionate about creating high quality sim games with compelling gameplay, beautiful artwork and lots of humour.