How do I make products?

Guests will use your businesses to fulfill their needs e.g. if they are hungry they will look for a nearby restaurant. In addition to this, you can produce products at businesses that are sometimes required by goals. 

The short explanation of how to make products is: Select the business that can make the required item, then tap the button with a factory on it at the bottom of the screen to open the production menu. If there are production slots available and you have the required amount of supplies, you can drag the desired item to the building to start producing it. A timer will start counting down, and after it’s done, the item will move to the top part of the menu, where it’s ready to be collected by simply tapping it.


You can also watch this video for an overview of how to make products and hold events:

Here are the step by step instructions for making products:

1. To make a product at a business e.g. to make a Wheatgrass Juice at the Juice Bar, you first tap on that building to select it. So tap the Juice Bar to select it.

2. Then you go into the production menu by tapping on the factory icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Once that's open, on the left you can see the things you can make and on the right you can see what's currently being made and what's queued up to be made. At first, you'll only be able to make one type of product in a business. You can upgrade to be able to make more.

4. Check if there is something already being made by looking in the top box on the right side of the building. If it's empty, you can start producing something new now.

5. To start making something you drag the image of the product you want to make from the box on the left to the building or to the empty box on the right. Place your finger on the image of the product and keep holding it down as you move your finger to the building (or to the empty box) and then lift your finger to let go.

6. If you have enough supplies to make a product and there's space in the queue then the product will start to be produced.

7. You can wait for it to be finished or you can speed it up to be produced instantly.

8. If you don't finish the product instantly then you need to come back to the business when the product is finished to collect it. You'll see a little blue sign with the factory icon on it outside a business when there's a product to collect. Tap the building to select it, tap the factory icon and over the building you'll see products that have been finished and are ready to collect. Tap them to collect them. That puts them into the warehouse to be used to give to goals or to run events.

8. If you are producing a product for a goal then you need to "give" the product to the goal. If everything else needed for the goal is done then the goal will pop up automatically and you tap "Give" to give the product to the goal. Otherwise you can open the goal from the goal menu.

It’s important to note that different businesses can produce different items and you can unlock up to three items or events by upgrading the building to the required level. If you don't see the events or products icon, you just need to complete a few more goals and it will unlock.