How do I produce items and hold events?

Watch this video for an overview of how to make products and hold events

You can make products in businesses. First select the business that can make the required item, then tap the button with a factory on it at the bottom of the screen to open the production menu. If there are production slots available and you have the required amount of supplies, you can drag the desired item to the building to start producing it. A timer will start counting down, and after it’s done, the item will move to the top part of the menu, where it’s ready to be collected by simply tapping it.

To hold events, first select the activity with the required event, and tap the button with the calendar on it at the bottom of the screen, opening the events menu. Just like for products, you can drag events to the building to start producing if you have empty event slots, but instead of requiring supplies, events need specific items to be started. If you hold your finger over an unlocked event, you can see the items you need and how many of them you have in your warehouse. When an event is completed, you can collect it at the top of the event menu to get a coin and XP reward.

It’s important to note that different businesses can produce different items, you can hold different events at different activities and you can unlock up to three items or events by upgrading the building to the required level. If you don't see the events or products icon, you just need to complete a few more goals and it will unlock.