Known Issues

The following issue(s) are currently being investigated and will be fixed soon:

Products Given to Subgoals not being recorded: We are investigating a player-reported issue whereby under certain circumstances products are given to subgoals and then later shown as not being given. 

Recently Fixed

The following issues were fixed in version 1.3.5:

Resort Score Reducing: Sometimes resort score can go down when you are upgrading and doing training at the same time. In the next update, 1.3.5, this will be resolved and all players will have their correct resort score.

Production Menu in Boutique Clothes Shop: The production menu in the Boutique Clothes Shop can sometimes stop working (if you take certain actions in the warehouse) whereby tapping on the production button doesn't open the menu. This will be resolved in 1.3.5. If you have experienced this issue and it's preventing you from running an event or completing a goal, email us a screenshot with the Boutique Clothes Shop production button not working and we will give you some free gems to put towards buying the products produced there using gems. The email address to use is

Negative Products in the Warehouse: It's possible that the warehouse can display a negative number of products e.g. -2. This will be fixed in the next update.

Activities Breaking Down while Upgrading: If an activity breaks down while it is upgrading, the upgrading will be cancelled. This will be fixed in the next update. 

If you know if any issues with the game that are not listed here but that you would like to see fixed in the next version, contact us by tapping "CONTACT US" below or else email us at