How do I get more gems?

Of course you can buy more gems in the gem shop. Tap the green ‘+’ icon in the top right corner to open the gem shop. The best value is to get a blue or pink Magic Gem Shell and to collect from it every day so you don’t miss any days.

There are also plenty of ways to get free gems:

  • Daily Reward: Play the game every day to get a reward. If you play for a long time you can get some pretty big gem rewards.

  • Video Ads and Offerwall: You can earn free gems by watching video ads and taking part in the offerwall. Tap the billboard or the “Free Gems” button in the gem shop to access.

  • Achievements: Completing achievements is a great way to earn more gems. Tap on the ferry building to see all the achievements you can complete and the gem reward for each.

  • Post Office Gifts: Naomi gives you a gift every day that you can collect from the post office. Sometimes you might get gems!

  • Treasure Chests: Find treasure chests in your resort and your friends’ resorts. They can give different rewards, sometimes gems.

  • Pick up Seahells: You’ll see pink seashells appear around the resort from time to time. They mostly give coins but if you’re lucky you’ll get a gem or a resort expansion good (e.g. brick, bamboo) from one.

  • Complete Goals: Every goal you complete gives you a reward, sometimes gems.

  • Level Up: Sometimes when you level up you get gem rewards.