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Eden Isle lets you create your own holiday paradise - a little piece of Eden in your pocket!

Design, build and manage your dream vacation resort. What's most important to you? Money? Happiness? Beauty? Build a vacation resort that reflects you, your personality and your values in this new sim building game with a unique art style. Eden Isle combines building and resort management with looking after your guests in a game that is full of charm and interesting characters. Start with a small section of a tropical island and gradually build it up over time to achieve a thriving five star resort.

  • Attract guest types such as treehuggers, glampers, hipsters, fashionistas & selfie-lovers with their own preferences and personalities
  • Keep guests happy by tending to their needs, making sure your resort is well laid out and responding to any special requests
  • Maximize profits in bars, restaurants and shops by adjusting prices and quality levels, training staff and keeping them well-stocked
  • Hire fun, quirky staff members to help you manage your resort
  • Over 200 goals to complete and over 30 different buildings, each with 20 different upgrade levels
  • Decorate your resort with 50 different decor items to customise it and earn bonuses from nearby accommodation and activities
  • Visit your friends’ resorts and help each other progress.